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Joe Fleener
08-03-2004, 02:59 PM
As some of you may be already be aware there is a planned professional workshop during the "in-between day" at this year's ETS/SBL National Conferences in San Antonio, Texas this November. Below you will find the scheduled date, time and participants. We will pass on the room assignment when it becomes available along with any other updated information.

Over the last several years there has been strong growth in the sales and use of Original Language Exegetical Software. Many students are now entering seminaryalreadyowning one of these tools, and more and more professors are making use of them on a daily basis.

The increase in ownership of these tools, combined with the exponential advancement in technology in general, is having an impact on classroom instruction (pedagogical methodologies). Each semester professors face changes in technology and its impact on classroom instruction (e.g. students with laptops, wireless technology, PDAs, "smart classrooms," etc.)

However, the presence of these tools and the advancement in technology does not ensure their proper use. On the contrary, the rapid growth probably ensures just the opposite. Traditionally, higher education has lagged behind technological advancement and Theological education has lagged even more.

So how do we as educators in Theological institutions use these tools to their full potential while still facilitating the learning of our students?

Some of the questions we face include:

1. How do you ensure students are learning the language and not just the software?

2. Pedagogically, how does your teaching change with a classroom full of laptops?

3. Whose responsibility is it to teach the students how to properly use these new tools (i.e. language instructor, librarian, etc)?

4. How can we use the tools to aid in retention of the languages?

5. Can these tools help in non-language courses, and if so, how?

6. How do these tools fit into our "outcome based" educational assessments?

7. What does a sustainable skill set include?

These are some of the questions/concerns that have been voiced.

What are some you have? It would be a tremendous help to us to hear from professors and educators. If you are planning to attend this workshop (which if you are planning to be in San Antonio we hope you will attend) what questions would you like answered? What topics would you like to see covered?

The proposed format is to allow each member of a panel, each chosen due to their experience in using Original Language Exegetical Software in the classroom, to give a brief presentation on their methods. This would then be followed by moderated questions and answers. Some of the questions being worked on in advance--hence the purpose of this solicitation, while others would be live -- submitted by the attendees.

Do you have any suggestions regarding the format for the workshop, or any modifications to the proposed given above?

Please take a few minutes to give some feedback on this topic. Any thoughts and ideas would be most helpful and sincerely appreciated.

You can post your comments directly, or email them to the panel coordinator personally (fleener@rcn.com).


Friday, November 19
Exegetical Software in the Classroom
1 p.m. -- 3:30 p.m.

Joseph Fleener
Director of Library Services
Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary
Lansdale, Pa.

Rodney J. Decker
Assoc. Professor of New Testament
Baptist Bible Seminary
Clarks Summit, Pa.

Tom Finley
Professor of Old Testament and Semitics
Talbot Seminary
La Mirada, Calif.

Rodney Whitacre
Professor of Biblical Studies
Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry
Sewickley, Pa.

Kind Regards,

Dan Phillips
08-03-2004, 09:35 PM
...I bet it's Dr. Tom FINLEY.