View Full Version : VLO File Size Limitations

07-19-2009, 02:54 PM
I have removed all file size limitations from Verse List Organizer. This means that when you want to combine VLS files, for example, you are no longer limited to a 32K single file size or a 128K total file size.

I can't imagine why anyone would need a VLS file even as large as 32K, which means you'd have a file with approximately 50 pages of nothing but verse references in MS Word, or 200 pages of nothing but verse references for a 128K file size.

Nevertheless, you are now only limited in file size to your available memory.

I should note that these limitations were removed not so much so that larger files could be manipulated in VLO, but primarily for compability with future projects, and for more efficient memory allocation and manipulation.

You can download the Install files and/or the Update files HERE (http://www.lamblion.net/Links/links.htm)