View Full Version : How to copy Hebrew left to right?

05-11-2009, 05:12 AM
Hi all
I have been playing a bit with the new export tweaking options, but I have problems:

1: How to export Hebrew text in BW-font without the right to left orientation?

2: Is it possible to export regular English text without font-information? So that it will just paste into the text in what efter font is used?

It seems to me that this is not possible without changing other things as well. Generally, I would like to have BW to work as it did in vers. 7 (BW-font and so on).



05-11-2009, 06:19 AM
To paste English text in what ever font you are using use the menu in your word processor. Under EDIT select PASTE SPECIAL then choose the Unformatted text option that is most appropriate. This should do it for you.

The Hebrew question is a little harder. Be sure that you have export in unicode unchecked on the font dialog page. This will over ride any settings on the copy format pages. Also on this dialog set export to BWHEBB font. Then be sure you have unicode off on whatever copy option you are using. This should behave close to the old way. Then you can use paste special to copy either as rich text or unformatted.

Remember line length is set by Hebrew wrap format in the copy option page if you do it this way.