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07-22-2004, 08:55 AM
Just purchased v.6. Two questions:
1) How do I enlarge the fonts on the screen?
2) Does BibleWorks carry Tense, Voice Mood?

Thanks for whatever help you can give.


07-22-2004, 10:20 AM
Welcome to BibleWorks!!

1. To change the fonts, go to TOOLS/OPTIONS/FONTS. There you can change a lot of stuff.

2. In addition to the amazingly power BibleWorks engine itself, BW offeres a number of other resources. Click on RESOURCES and you will find lots of neat stuff. Click on Grammatical References for additional helps. Burton's Moods and Tenses I believe is part of the standard package. I have a number of add on modules, and I don't remember what is an addon and what isn't. I think, though, that you will find more information than you know what to do with!

If you are a first time user with BW, I suggest you invest some time studying the immense help files. Goto HELP, then GETTING STARTED, ONLINE HELP TOPICS, and BibleWorks video demo library.

Hope this helps!

Don't be a stranger to the forum. We are all here to learn, and help other to learn!


Joe Fleener
07-23-2004, 08:07 AM
2) Does BibleWorks carry Tense, Voice Mood?

I am not exactly sure what you are looking for:

1. If you place you cursor over any Greek verb in the Results Window you get the complete parsing in the Auto-Info window.

2. As was mentioned before Burtton, Moods and Tenses is included in the base 6.0 package.

Welcome to a great program and a great forum. I would restate the last post, the video tutorials on the CD are worth their weight in gold. If you are a student, I would make it a goal to watch all of them before the semeter begins.

The manual is the best of its kind in the industry. I know, I am like most men, when all else fails I will read the manual. Well, this is one time when it realy is worth your effort.