View Full Version : Multiple Activate

03-29-2009, 09:26 PM
I've had to activate BW and my modules on two separate occasions since I've installed. Also, when I click on the "Register BibleWorks" from the Help menu and then select "Register Online", I get invalid links and an error URL.

In other words, when I started BW, it asked me to activate. Then I had to manually activate my modules again.


Also, when I choose "About BibleWorks" from the help menu, it looks like BW ignored the information I typed in when I installed. I typed in my name, Scott Jones, and then for company, Lamb Lion Net. The about box ignored both and instead has the program as registered to "HP_ADMINSTRATOR". I don't know if this is why the Activate problem has occured, or why the other stuff is happening. I don't even know if I'm registered, even though I followed the directions the first time, but I remember getting error messages then, too, so I don't know if it took or not.