View Full Version : Exporting searches to table in word?

03-24-2009, 03:31 AM
Is there a way of marking search verses with a symbol in the end (from within BW), so that I can export to word and do a text to table conversion without manually applying it after each verse?

Some of my searches turn out hundreds of hits and so it could be quite tedious.

I have tried to scan the help files but havent found what I was looking for.
Any help appreciated


Glenn Weaver
03-25-2009, 09:06 AM
You can add text before or after exported verses in the Output Format Options window. In the attached graphic, notice the 'MMMM' that is added to the reference. By checking the box to have the reference appear at the end, you can place the MMMM at the end.

If you prefer, you can also place the MMMM at the beginning of the reference, and check the appropriate boxes so that the reference appears at the beginning of the verse.

Of course, you do not have to use MMMM. I only used that so it was easy to see.

If you are trying to convert text to tables, you can export to Word, then use the paragraph mark as the row dividing mark. This will place each reference on its own row in the table. You could place a symbol after the reference if you wish to create another column to separate the reference from the text.