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01-30-2009, 10:01 AM
This may be possible now, and I'm not too sure how profitable this would be, but I had the thought for a reverse cross reference. In other words, rather then displaying every cross reference for a verse, show ever verse that cross references to the current verse. This is somewhat doable from the Analysis window but it doesn't allow it for items like the TSK. My suggestion would be a sorta toggle button on the Cross reference window that would toggle the feature on and off for the currently selected Reference list.

Steve Watkins
01-30-2009, 08:40 PM
Ok, I'll bite...

I'm not smart enough to understand exactly what you're suggesting here. How does "every cross reference for a verse" differ from showing "every verse that cross references to the current verse"?

It seems to me that this is exactly what the X-refs tab in the analysis window currently does - it displays all of the cross-references for the current verse in the browse window. What am I missing?

01-30-2009, 10:22 PM
Currently the cross reference tab, at least as I understand it, displays verses that someone has decided relate to the current verse. So for instance at 1 Thess 2:1 the TSK decided that 1 Cor 15:2 relates to that verse. But if you go to 1 Cor 15:2 1 Thess. 2:1 is not cross referenced. Pressing the reversed cross reference (for lack of a better term) would show 1 Thess 2:1 and all other verses where the author used 1 Cor 15:2 as a reference.

I realize I'm doing a terrible job explaining myself. Its one of those things where I know what's in my head but I don't know how to best say it.

Actually what would be great is if these references were placed at the end of the current list as "additional cross references."

Greg Ward
01-31-2009, 11:31 AM
This isn't quite what you're dreaming. But would the X-Ref Tab, Options menu, Export References to Search Window be a starter?
There are also ways to put the cross-references to the clipboard.

I re-read your post. I guess this isn't what you want.

01-31-2009, 11:54 AM
The exact effect that I'm looking for is on the resource tab. So every time a reference is mentioned in TSK it would be listed under TSK. the problem, as is TSK is not available to add to the reference tab. From investigating a bit I guess this is because its a non-CHM database. Perhaps down the road a CHM version will be added.

04-02-2009, 12:51 AM
I don't know if it is already present in BW8.0, but I think it would be very helpful if we can find the words used to translate a Greek word in a certain version of the Bible. Is there a function where I can type in a Greek word and it shows all the words that are being used to translate to the Greek word in a particular book in a particular version of the Bible? Are there any statistical tools to count the number of occurences of those translated words? This would be extremely useful for exegesis.

Greg Ward
04-02-2009, 06:18 AM
This would require words in a translation to be mapped to words in a Greek text. The only form in which this exists in BW is the English (and a couple other?) texts which have Strong's type numbers in them (KJV, NKJ, NAU, etc.). Even then, for direct text comparison, the Strong's numbers would have to be mapped to a Greek text. The closest you can get in BW is to search on a Strong's # in one of those translations and go through the results to to see how it is used. Also, in the Strong's definitions which appear in the Word Analysis Window for the KJV and NAU the Usage is listed--this lists the way that word was translated and the occurrences.