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12-14-2008, 10:00 AM
In the December issue of National Geographic the veracity of the Bible is once again (what a shock!) disparaged. I wrote a little note to the editor. If you feel so inclined, do the same -- beat my blurb!

Here is the email address of the editor of National Geographic --


And here is my blurb --

In the December 2008 Issue, "Herod", Tom Mueller writes, "Yet today he [Herod] is best known as the sly and murderous monarch of Matthew's Gospel, who slaughtered every male infant in Bethlehem in an unsuccessful attempt to kill the newborn Jesus, the prophesied King of the Jews... Herod is almost certainly innocent of this crime, of which there is no report apart from Matthew's account."

This naked assertion of course demonstrates Mueller's incompetence with regard to the determination of what does and does not constitute evidence, as his sole argument is an argument of silence, which even BASIC investigators know is the very weakest of arguments. In fact, in Mueller's case, he can't even appeal to utter silence, as the Gospel of Matthew refutes him.

This is reminiscent of all the other ignorant and foolish statements made against the veracity of the Gospel accounts, such as the assertion that "Bethesda" could not be real because the Gospel of John, chapter 5, talked about it, or the assertion for years that the Hittites could not be real since the only mention of them was in the Bible, when of course, both of these assertions were later conclusively overturned by archaeology.

Examples of this nature could be multiplied almost exponentially.

Mueller should quit mistaking his baseless opinions for actual evidence.