View Full Version : All my settings went poof

12-05-2008, 05:35 PM
Today I start up BW7, and all of my settings (windows, default search version, everything) are gone. I actually got the "Getting Started" screen.

Does anyone know where a backup of the settings would be stored? Can I restore that somehow? I've been using the same settings for some time now, so even a very old version would be an improvement to resetting them all manually.

Mark Eddy
12-05-2008, 09:20 PM
Did BibleWorks crash for you? If so, you probably just clicked "OK" on the screen that came up after the crash. By default that "reinitializes" BibleWorks, meaning that it creates a brand new BW700.ini file in the main BibleWorks folder. If you did not save your old BW700.ini file somewhere else, you are stuck with setting up your setting again.
Using "My Computer" look in your main BibleWorks7 folder. You might find a file something like bw700_1.ini. (The number after the underline may vary.) That file would be an older version of your bw700.ini file. If you have such a fie, delete the current (new) bw700.ini file. Be sure BW is closed. Then rename the other bw700_?.ini file to bw700.ini. And launch BibleWorks again. You should have at least some of the settings you previously set up.
I hope this helps.
Mark Eddy