View Full Version : External link to the NWT

12-05-2008, 10:05 AM
has anyone come up with a way to externally link to the New World Translation? I read in another 2006 thread that there was a copy for Bibleworks floating around. Is it legal to use?

If no one has come up with a script for the NWT I created an excel macro that does it. I would just rather not have to go through excel to do it though. As of right now the external link opens the excel file, a macro automatically takes the current book and finds the NWT website abbreviation for it, opens the website and then closes down the excel file. I would rather have JavaScript do it but I'm more comfortable in VBA then JavaScript. However one link in the ELM could control anything from NWT, other online translations, OneNote files, and anything that abbreviated book names. I would just have the excel file pull up userform with a list of things you could link to using this method