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11-20-2008, 08:06 AM
Which of the major academic Bible software packages do you think has the best searching?

I'm reviewing Logos, BibleWorks and Accordance for Tyndale Tech (www.tyndalehouse.com/TTech (http://www.tyndalehouse.com/TTech)), and I want to include some usability tests. So I have devised some 'typical' types of searches people want to do.

If you are familiar with one of these, please try out one or two searches and tell me the method you found with the FEWEST STAGES.

To make it more interesting, I've selected some searches which have significant results, so if you are successful, your findings might turn into a significant sermon or a paper.

I'm mostly interested in your method for carrying out the search. I will publish the fastest methods in the review – ie the exact steps you used to get your results. I can then compare the way people got the same results in the other software, so we can see which package is more 'useable' in real life.

Things ministers want to do:
· Look up a Greek or Hebrew root and read the verses in English to get a quick idea of how it is used.
e.g. find the range of meaning of the Greek word for ‘abundantly’ in John 10.10

· Look up verses about a particular subject
e.g. find the verses forbidding sex before marriage, for your harried youth worker

· Look up different translations of a verse and find out why they are different.
e.g. Prov.29.18 “without a vision the people perish”

Things a scholar wants to do:

· Find possible origins of an allusion by doing a fuzzy search for several words
eg: find the text which is alluded to in James 4.5

· Look up textual variants in a verse, and the main sources which have them.
eg: find the evidence for and against “Son of God” in Mark 1.1

· Find out what a Greek words means outside the Bible, and read examples (not just references to examples)
eg: find the meaning of pniktos in Acts.15.20 in the 1st C world

· Look up a grammatical form,
e.g. find the meanings of akouw with the accusative and with genitive ‘voice’ to see if Paul and the soldiers heard the same thing in Acts 9.4+7.

Have fun delving into the Bible. Don't tell me what you've found, but tell me HOW you found it.

Many thanks.

David Instone-Brewer <relay2DB2008@gmail.com>

11-20-2008, 10:53 AM
Did you post on the accordance forum too?

I am interested to see the results.