View Full Version : Lithuanian Version - Fonts in BW7?

11-08-2008, 04:56 PM
I've formated a few versions of Lithuanian Bibles for Bibleworks6 - just for my private use, because copyrights belongs to the Bishop Conference of Lithuania (however - maybe this year we will contact You and discuss the possibilities to put it into BW27, for example).
Ok, it was pretty good. Now I've tried to install it for my teacher on his own computer (he purchased BW7) and there are problems with displaying lithuanian language - we have some freaky letters :)
I've had some problems even in BW6, but somehow with Gods mercy it happened - lithuanian versions entered into BW's embrace :cool: I've done such steps:

in Version Database Compiler:

Language: Other
Font: Default
Locale: --blank--

then in Options -> Fonts menu I've found no other way, than to change font for "English" into "Arial Baltic". I also changed Keyboard Layout for "Other" Language into "Lithuanian 00010427".

and it worked. but not in BW7

It would not be a problem, but now I'm thinking about upgrade :D so it would be nice to solve that problem.
may I ask for some hints or instructions? I'm not fluent in programing, but BW has excellent help system :)

thank You!