View Full Version : If you want to run Bibleworks on Mac or Linux...

10-28-2008, 04:39 PM
You might want to take advantage of a free software offer for today (10/28) only... One of the way to run BW on a Mac is using Codeweavers Crossover program (essentially a version of WINE)

If you want to try it Crossover is free TODAY ONLY (10/28) from Codeweavers.com (long story, but basically the developer claimed that if one of several things happened during Bush's last days in office he would release his software for free for one day only. Well, one of those things was the price of gas dropping to $2.79 and it happened so he's honoring his promise)

Go to http://lameduck.codeweavers.com/free to register for a serial number and download the software. From my experience you don't need the serial number to install the software but will need it for future updates.

I attempt to try it myself, but don't have the time today. I got my copy of Crossover though and it seems to work fine.