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09-25-2008, 03:12 PM
HTML clipboard Two questions with this post...
Over on the Accordance blog (here (http://www.accordancebible.com/blog/2008/09/creative-merging.html) and here (http://www.accordancebible.com/blog/2008/09/creative-merging-part-2.html)) an interesting search question was raised, namely:
When is the Hebrew word rosh translated in the LXX with kephale in instances where it means a "leader" of some kind (and not literally a "head")?
How would one do this in BW7? I thought of using Tov Parallel MT/LXX, but (and as noted at Accordance using a similar tool), there are too many hits to wade through to pick out the particular ones where the meaning is "leader."
So, again following the lead of the Accordance search, I looked up rosh in the HALOT lexicon, and noted section 9 where the desired meaning of "leader" is indicated. I wanted, therefore, to pull out all the verses referenced in this section.
1) Is there an easy way to pull out all the biblical text references from a lexicon entry?
The only one I could figure to do it was to open my verse list manager, click on each text link in the lexicon, then add it to the verse list, one verse at a time. I then saved this to a verse list file. (here is the file (http://www.scrollandscreen.com/files/head.leader.bgt.vls) - It is a list where I mapped all the verses to the BGM. Right click and save as; this file and the query file below should both be saved in your ASE subdirectory.)
Next, I constructed a graphical query and what I wanted to do is find all the verses in the WTM where the rosh lemma occurs AND all the verses in the BGM where the kephale lemma occurs AND use the verse list file I created. (Note that one needs to use a Word box and choose the verse list.) Here is the Query file (http://www.scrollandscreen.com/files/Rosh.Kephale.Leader.qf).

This should seem to work, BUT I get different results depending on which version I use in the AND box.
With the WTM or WTT, I get 4 hits;

Judg 11:11
Job 1:17
Ps 18:44
Isa 7:8

With the BGM, 6 hits;

Jda. 10:18
Jda. 11:8, 9, 11
Ps 17:44
Job 1:17

With the BGT, 0 hits

2) I realize there may be some issues with verse mapping across versions, but I simply cannot figure out why the results should be different. Anyone help?