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08-30-2008, 04:36 PM
I just purchased William Sanford La Sor's, Handbook of New Testament Greek: An Inductive Approach Based on the Greek Text of Acts (volumes 1 and 2).

This was a blind purchase; I am a sucker for any inductive language approaches.

It works like this:

Volume 1 is word by word commentary starting from Acts 1:1, then 80 lessons working all the way to Acts 17:34.

Volume 2 contains grammar, paradigms and vocabulary.

Volume 1 references volume 2 every other word.

What I would like to do is to turn it into a CHM file. I don't have time right now to transcribe the text (even though I may have to transcribe volume 1), but I've heard that you can still use hyperlinks to jump around images.

For example, here is a paragraph from Lesson 4, starting with Acts 1:1 :
(Superscript not working; read blue text as superscript)

1 To.n 2 me.n 3 prw/ton 4 lo,gon ] Note the repeated ending -on: this is a case-ending, or more accurately a gender-number-case (GNC) ending. Read 20., 20.3, 20.411. (1) Review notes on 1:1 1 in Lesson 2. The word is a form of the definite article (def.art.), o` h` to. 'the' (#3588), (2) Post-positive particle men, 'now, but' (#3303), often left untranslated. (3) An adjective (30.32, 22.), prw`toj &h &on 'first' (#4413). (4) A noun (21., see notes in lesson 2 on 1:1 4), o` lo,goj &ou 'word, account' (#3056).

As you can see, the text lends itself to linking up.

Any ideas? Or am I in over my head?