View Full Version : Switching from Widows XP to Mac OS

08-27-2008, 09:48 AM
I've been running BibleWorks on Windows XP, and now I'm switching to a mac.

Do I have to start all over and buy a new Bibleworks?

Ruben Gomez
08-27-2008, 10:51 AM
I've been running BibleWorks on Windows XP, and now I'm switching to a mac.

Do I have to start all over and buy a new Bibleworks?

Not at all! If you use a new Intel Mac you can install Windows and run BW natively (via Bootcamp) or install a Windows emulator (there are a number of them, some of them free) and run BW and your other Mac applications simultaneously. If you have custom settings in BW, make sure you save them, because you will have to reinstall the program whatever route you decide to take.

Hope this helps.

Ben Spackman
08-27-2008, 11:25 AM
I've been running BW on my Macbook for over a year now, using Windows XP on Parallels. No problems. Best of both worlds. (Though I do wish I were smart enough programming-wise to figure out how to help Spotlight read and index my .bww notefiles.)

09-03-2008, 10:03 PM

BibleWorks is the sole reason why I need Windows, and I don't know if I want to contaminate my new Mac with an operating system that I've been cursing for years. :o

This may motivate me to actually learn Greek and Hebrew. :eek:

09-06-2008, 02:36 AM
if you care for a technical person's opinion...

I recommend you pick up a copy of vmware fusion, then you can run Bibleworks on your Mac inside XP Pro just fine

vmware fusion beats parallels and definitely boot camp

in fact try vmware fusion 2.0 RC1 here for free:

people and their love/hate for a particular OS is always interesting to see

I use pretty much everything under the sun in my line of work and find good things in a range of OSs...XP Pro, quite a few different *nix OSs, and even Mac OS X since they went to a *bsd core

09-09-2008, 11:21 AM
I've had my shiny new MacBook for about two weeks, and I'm running BibleWorks 7 via VMWare Fusion.

All things being equal, I'd rather they just put out a version of BW for Mac OS, but until/unless they do, I'm not really having any troubles with it.

09-12-2008, 05:40 PM
Well, I bit the bullet and bought Windows XP and use it through Fusion, and I love it. It's everything I never knew I always wanted.

A big surprise is that I can copy and paste from BW in Windows to Pages in the Mac OS. That's an unexpected treat. I'm not sharing or mirroring files.:D

Thanks, ya'll.

I do have a question if anyone can answer -- do I need to eventually purchase something from Fusion to keep this running smoothly?