View Full Version : Advanced copy question: Copy/export every word on a new line w/ full reference?

06-26-2008, 03:01 PM
The forum helped my find how to search for every word (;*). I want to copy each search result (every individual word) to a new file, and each word have it's reference with it. So:

Gen 1:1 In
Gen 1:1 The
Gen 1:1 Beginning

I know this is very unusual, but I'm creating some long-term reading plans that are being broken down by number of verses per day. I have an easy way of doing this, if I could get the data the way I need it. Yes, I know this will give me 700000+ new lines total. I can deal with that (working book by book perhaps would be easier on my computer, which would be around 11000 words per book).

Please help!

Philip Brown
06-26-2008, 09:54 PM
BW is not designed to do this. If I wanted to do this, I would do something like the following:
1. Export the text of genesis: Tools > Export Database, then limit to gen 1:1-gen 50:?? -- whatever the last verse of Gen. 50 is.
2. Write a macro in word that would find the third space from the left
3. replace the space with a line break and the appropriate reference
4. move through the verse until hitting a paragraph maker and then restarting the loop on the next line.

Edit: Delighted to have been corrected

Glenn Weaver
06-27-2008, 09:35 AM
The KWIC module can produce the output you specified. Open the KWIC module, choose your version, verse range, and set the left and right words at 0. In the Word box type the wildcard * to search for all the words. Run the search. In the upper KWIC window select "Copy entire KWIC list to clipboard (formatted)". (You will have to tweak the the left and right settings a bit if you do this with Hebrew, since a 'word' in a Hebrew text may contain a number of 'words' such as suffixes, prefixes, etc. )

The result is as followings:

Gen 1:1 in
Gen 1:1 the
Gen 1:1 beginning
Gen 1:1 god
Gen 1:1 created
Gen 1:1 the
Gen 1:1 heaven
Gen 1:1 and
Gen 1:1 the
Gen 1:1 earth