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06-14-2008, 03:59 PM
My terminology may be wrong, but the window that has the running biblical text in it is a result window, right? When I bring up BW (I'm in version 7, but this has been true with every version I've had from 4 forward), there's a window with notes in it, either for the translation, or in the case of Greek or Hebrew, the word I'm hovering over, its parsing, and a definition from the default lexicon. In secondary result windows, the notes windows always shows up in the bottom part of the result window.

This seems to not work consistently when I open a second result window. I've tried all the things I can think of on the "View" menu but none of them see to help. How do I consistently get a note window to appear for a secondary result window? Thanks.


Glenn Weaver
06-16-2008, 09:32 AM
Hi Duncan,

The middle window in BW7 is called the Browse Window. (I think it may have been called the Results Window in some previous versions of BW.)

Whether or not an Analysis Window appears at the bottom of a secondary Browse Window depends upon whether you have the Analysis Window appearing or not appearing in the main BibleWorks window. If you click inside the Browse Window to give it the focus, then type the letter 't', the Analysis Window will disappear. Typing 't' again will display it.

The letter 't' shortcut works in both the main Browse Window and the secondary Browse Window. If the Analysis Window is displaying in the main BibleWorks window, and when you open a secondary Browse Window the Analysis Window does not display in the new Browse Window, you may have slid the divider line between the secondary Browse Window text and the Analysis Window at the bottom of the page down to the bottom of the secondary Browse Window. If so, you may need to use your mouse and slide the divider further up the secondary Browse Window in order to see the Analysis Window text.

If neither of these items fixes the problem, I suggest contacting our customer service to help find the cause of the problem. See the link in my signature line for contacting our customer service.