View Full Version : Unicode conversion for transliteration?

06-11-2008, 12:00 PM
Sorry if this is a FAQ - I searched the forums, and found little that was relevant and nothing that was recent. But I probably missed it!!

The question: just as you can set up Greek and Hebrew export to use Unicode, is there any facility for doing on-the-fly conversions of BWks transliteration (as used, e.g., in the BHT module, or the various lexica) to their Unicode equivalents? This would be hugely helpful, espeically as Unicode grows ever more widely accepted. It seems to me we're getting close to the "tipping point"....

Failing an "on-the-fly" conversion (I have a sneaky feeling I know the answer to that one!), does anyone know of any other converters for BWTransH, BWLexA, BWLexS, etc.? (Which illustrates the problem immediately!)

Thanks for any help with this!