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04-07-2008, 11:19 AM
I am currently studying Hebrew in the book of Jonah. I would like to create a printed copy of the WTT text (all four chapters) with the verbs separated for parsing. The way I envision the copy would be:
Line 1: the text for Jonah 1:1
Line 2: verb #1 from Jonah 1:1
Line 3: verb #2 from Jonah 1:1
Line 4: text for Jonah 1:2
Line 5: verb #1 from Jonah 1:2

Iíve watched many of the study guides trying to find a way to do this. Perhaps Iíve missed it or there is an alternate layout that would accomplish the same thing.

Glenn Weaver
04-08-2008, 09:02 AM
Below are instructions for listing all the verbs in the order in which they appear in the text using the KWIC tool. (I assume that you are using BibleWorks 7.) It will not, however, include the full verse content. You will have to copy the text from BibleWorks and add the text manually.

Hope this Helps.

Creating a Greek or Hebrew Vocabulary list
How can you create a list of Hebrew verbs in a given passage, listed in the order in which they appear in the text?
The Word List Manager can find the list of verbs (and do all sorts of things with them!), but it does not present them in the order in which they appear in the text. Printing a review list from the Vocabulary Flashcard tool provides a list of words and gloses for them, but not in the order in which they appear in the text. The Report Generator can generate a list of all the words in the passage and their morphology in the order in which they appear in the passage, but it does not limit the list to only one particular part of speech.
The KWIC Module provides the solution!
For these instructions we will find the list of Hebrew verbs. Creating a Greek verbs vocabulary list works the same way as the instructions for the Hebrew verbs vocabulary list. Simply enter the appropriate Version and passage.

Here are the instructions:
Open the KWIK module.
Under the menu item Options uncheck Cross verses, and check Display Brother Text (in KWIC).
Select WTM as the Version.
Set the verse range desired, in this case Gen 1.
In the Word box enter "*@v*".
In the Left and Right boxes enter "0".
In the Codes box enter "0".
Click the Build button.
The results in the upper window (the KWIC window) will only list the verbs. There will also be some blank lines, since setting the Left and Right boxes to "0" means that prefixes and suffixes will not display. That is o.k.--the copy function will copy the proper results anyway, even though they do not display in the KWIC window.
On the menu select Copy, and choose Copy Entire KWIC List to Clipboard (formatted).
Paste the clipboard contents into the editor or word processor, and all the verbs are listed in order. It even includes the verse number next to each verb. The only extra information still included are maqqefs, if they exist with the verb.
If you need to see the parsing codes, you uncheck Display Brother Text (in KWIC), and the verb lemma and parsing codes are included. You will need to increase the Codes box number to display all the codes you require. Entering 30 should display all of them, including the supplemental codes.

04-08-2008, 09:51 PM
Thank you for your help. It does put the verbs in order of appearance. My previous attempts put them in order alphabetically or by frequency. The KWIC tool corrects this problem. This process you outlined is acceptable for short books like Jonah. However, the instructions state that prefixes and suffixes will not display in the list, but will appear once pasted into a word processor. For the few verbs I looked through, it appears that the suffixes are showing up, but the prefixes do not appear. Please forgive my Hebrew ignorance, but the prefixes to which I refer are the waw consecutives, prepositions, etc. The imperfect, niphal, hiphil, etc. prefixes do appear. Is there a setting in the options that I am missing or will these type prefixes not appear since they are technically separate words?

Thanks again.

Glenn Weaver
04-09-2008, 09:08 AM
My instructions need a little bit of modification. You are correct in that the prefixes in question are the waws, bets, lamedhs, not the niphal, etc. prefixes. The items that are not included are the items that are not part of the verb lemma.

In order to also include the prefixes, put 1 in the Left box. (Yes, that is correct, the Left box.) This will give the word to the right of the verb lemma. This way the waws, etc. will be included with the word. However, if there is no prefix you may also have another word included. But this word will be in black, while the verb will be in red, so it will be easy to find the words that do not belong.

Hope this helps.