View Full Version : Editing Bibleworks Maps for Chinese

03-25-2008, 09:51 AM

I'm glad to finally be able to have a Chinese version for BW - given the multitude of non-English language bibles already offered over the years... this development is long overdue! But I've had a problem:

Whilst Bibleworks Maps permits place name editing, etc... it seems not to support Chinese text display when I add the Chinese name equivalent for the map location. That is, though the editing window allows Chinese to be added and it shows up fine, once the change has been saved and the window closed, the Chinese text (font) is no longer displayed, rather there is a "?" for every chinese character entered...

How may this be rectified?

I have made all changes necessary in the Window's language settings, and the CUV versions work fine on my computer... just this problem.

Hope there is a solution.