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Ben Spackman
06-09-2004, 05:21 PM
I just installed BW onto a laptop, and updated everything. I also downloaded the medium size maps from the NET bible. I can access them from the regular RESOURCES/QUICK BIBLE MAPS menu, but when they are in a NET note and I click on them, nothing happens. I assume this is just something quirky I messed up somewhere, but what? I've tried it both with settings on (convert to .bmp on first time us) and off without a difference...

BTW, BW users can now get the HUGE BW maps for $19 from the NET Bible site. (www.bible.org/store/product.asp?ProductID=46) You can zoom in an amazing way without losing detail. I hear there's something native in the works like that for BW, but no hints have been forthcoming...

Joe Fleener
06-10-2004, 08:13 PM
This may seem like a very simple thing but:

1. Did you save them in the databases folder under BibleWorks 6

2. Did you rename them to the required names.

I would assume you have done both of these things, since you are able to access them from the menu options, however I just thought I would ask.

I have been able to access mine via the NET notes in the AIW fine.