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03-14-2008, 03:57 PM
I have just sent this suggestion to SUPPORT.
"I am a user of BW7, my primary tool. But I also use secondarily Libronix, since there I have the Anchor Bible Dictionary, Scripture in Context, HALOT, and Semitic Inscriptions. I have been reading about the ability of BW7 to set up external links and there is much discussion on the forum about these. But I have tried and simply cannot set up such a link. I have set up a group in Libronix (the workscited above) and would love to be able to right click on a word in the Hebrew of BW7 and have it either look for that verse in my Libronix group or even look for that Hebrew word in HALOT or Semitic Inscriptions. I have spent hours looking through the forum and have tried things there but cannot get them to work. Some of the models on screen are not complete since some windows are shortened or some don't even look like the External Link window I get on BW7. It would be so great if Bible Works could set up some workable Templates for connecting to Libronix that we programming illiterates could download. If you had a section in the Forum where these could be simply organized for downloading or copying, that would so increase the usability of Bible Works 7. Thank you.

Am I right in not finding such a list? Many of the numbered External Links (e.g. #28) do not look like the template I get when I open up External Links on BW7. Programming is definitely not my forte.
Michael Dick
Siena College
Albany, NY

03-15-2008, 11:39 AM
A couple things:
1) I have not been able to figure out how to get BW7 to pass Hebrew words (either the form or the lemma) correctly to Logos. I would be interested to hear if you figure that one out.
2) OTOH, you should be able to pass a verse reference to the Reference Browser so that it will look up a verse in a resource or your collection. (I'm working on the exact parameters for this. I will post back here again later. I'm trying to get some help on the Logos newsgroup...)
3) From your post, I'm assuming that you created a "collection" composed of the resources you have. Make sure the collection name has no spaces in it. (Ie, use "MyResources" NOT "My Resources")