View Full Version : Using Flash Cards For Exegesis Prep

02-29-2008, 12:15 PM
I have a question. I would like to take a passage that I am working on (this week it is Matthew 15:1-20 so I will use that as my example), and I would like to pull up the flash card module for the Greek words for that passage. Go through them and check off the words I know. Then I would like to print a review sheet for the remaining words that I don't know or am rusty on. My problem is that I cannot get the printout to print only the words I have not learned. It wants to give me all the words for a passage.

Is it possible to printout just the words I don't know yet?

In Matthew 15:1-20 I show 110 Greek words. I probably know about half of them already. So I work through the list and check off about 50 or 60 words. Then I select the print review list option, but it still gives me all 110 words in the passage, not the words I have yet to learn.

03-03-2008, 12:36 PM
You're almost there. Only one step is missing. After you have checked the words you already know (so that they are grayed out) and before you print the review list, you need to select from the pull-down menu Tools | Filter and check the check-box for "Exclude Learned Words" and then click the "Apply" button. The learned words that were grayed out will be removed from the list. Now you can print just the words you need to learn.