View Full Version : Quick Tutorials: Graphical Search Engine, Word List Manager, Louw-Nida

02-12-2008, 05:02 PM
The latest BibleWorks7 Classroom Tip (http://www.bibleworks.com/forums/../classroom/1_12/) focuses on the GSE and details a neat way of finding locations of postpositive particles. One powerful feature of the GSE that is mentioned in the BW7 Help but is not really well demonstrated is how to search using Louw-Nida domains. If you recall, the Louw-Nida Lexicon organizes words into related groups of meanings. On my blog (http://bibleandtech.blogspot.com/2008/02/bibleworks7-graphical-search-engine.html), I provide a 2 minute video tutorial where I am looking for all the instances of "want, will, wish, desire..." in Philippians.

In response to that post, someone asked whether it were possible to not only search for all the words in a domain, but specifically to find all those instances where words in that domain occur in the imperative mood. It can be done! It takes a little extra work, but it is a good opportunity to see how to use the Word List Manager (WLM) in connection with the GSE. You can find a 3 minute video tutorial HERE (http://bibleandtech.blogspot.com/2008/02/bibleworks7-graphical-search-engine-and.html).