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02-11-2008, 06:14 PM
I wrote a paper 10 years ago with the at that time current version (donīt rember at this time, v 4?) (Concerning LXX Psalm 151 in relation to Qumran Ps11a version of 151).

When I today open the documents with Word 2000, and with BW 7 installed (with the BW fonts of version 7), I do not see the Greek and Hebrew texts written in the document.

I only see squares.

I do see the English texts.

How do I convert these documents with old (?) fonts to my newer version of fonts?

Thanks in advance,

Per-Olof Hermansson

02-12-2008, 09:17 AM
I tried post here a copy of part of a page for you to see. But now I see that this has solved the problem. This is how it should look! I am suprised when I pasted the text it turns out all right!

Also when I started a new word-document, copied and pasted the whole article, everything looks fine!!

"The result is a beautifully structured verse with three words in each hemistich of the next line, with a nice rhythm.
The phrase l dy[h is not attested from the Bible, but exists in Ben Sira 4:11.
But in the Bible there are many instances of l with other verbs, rps, rbd, hwc, rma, laX, Xrd, [mX (se BDB p 514a) with the meaning of concerning, about which is the meaning of our verse.
In addition to this there is also l with a meaning of on behalf of, for with verbs such as rbd, laX, ~xln (BDB 515b).
Both this meanings are possible in connection to our verse if we read yl.
l[ dygh occurs four times in the Bible. l[ also occurs with some of the verbs mentioned above, and with the same meanings concerning, about, and on behalf of, for (BDB 754b) similarly to yl.
#[ yle[ occurs twice, in the same verse, Neh 8:15.
The parallelism h[bg // rh occurs frequently in the Bible.
The word hf[m in the meaning poem or song is found in Ps 45:2 and here also we find the word rbd in the parallel hemistich as in our psalm!"