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02-06-2008, 11:45 AM
Hey guys,

One of the advantages I have found for using Unicode in Word has been the ability to quickly switch from English--Greek--Hebrew. One feature that I think would make the switch much more fluid would be automatic font changing when you switch to another language.

For example, English is the default language in Word and my default font is set to Times New Roman, 12 pt. When I switch into Hebrew or Greek unicode, the font still remains Times New Roman, 12 pt. I then have to manually switch back and forth between Times New Roman and EzraSIL SR each time I want to type Hebrew and English.

Is there any way to set up Word so that when I switch to Hebrew keyboards that the font will also automatically change to EzraSIL SR? And the same for when I switch back to English, that it would automatically change back to Times New Roman?

I appreciate your help,

Andy Witt
Wake Forest, NC

02-08-2008, 03:46 PM
You want to record a macro. I use the Logos keyboards in conjunction with macros.

So you set up your language preferences in Windows to have the right keyboard (whether Logos or not).

start with a blank page
Turn on the macro recorder
change the input keyboard (preferably by a keyboard shortcut you have set up)
then select the appropriate font (usually via drop down selection)
turn off macro
assign a shortcut key to the macro (I use Alt+g for Greek, Alt+h for Hebrew and Alt+q for English)

Do this for Greek, Hebrew and then for English. The only downside is that the English font is not "normal" based on the document but a specific font.