View Full Version : Encountered a slight problem

12-06-2007, 07:23 PM
I was working through the "Book Study" study guide. I came to about halfway when I encountered a problem. The study guide says:

Noticing Word-Use Patterns

Noticing patterns for how frequently a word occurs throughout the Bible is one way to identify the significance of a word. For example, go to 1 Peter 1:2, and display the BGM version. Double-click on the word carij in the BGM. The word occurs 289 times in 277 verses. (You can see the number of hits at the bottom left-hand side of the Status Bar at the bottom of the main BibleWorks window.)
On the main BibleWorks menu select Search, and then choose Detailed Statistics Window. The drop-down box What to plot offers many ways to display the search information. For our purposes, select %: (verses in the book with a hit) / (verses in book). The graph shows that 1 Peter has more verses containing a hit in comparison to the number of verses in 1 Peter than any other book. Therefore, we expect that the concept of 'grace' is an important concept in 1 Peter.

In the video when he clicks on charis in the BGM, it displays ".charis@*" in the command line. However, when I click it, it has ".charis@nnfsc."

Is there a way to modify this? I am running 7.0 in Vista with all the updates. Thanks in advance!