View Full Version : Floating Editor Window opens beyond desktop space

Greg Ward
11-27-2007, 10:49 PM
I have observed the following problem and wonder if there is a simple way to get to the window or reset a parameter:
(Win XP, BW7 7.0.019b.7)
-I sometimes use a "floating" editor window. It can be opened from File/Open Editor or from User Notes or Editor by the "Save and Reopen Floating" icon.
-On my desk, I have a secondary monitor hooked up to my laptop and extend the desktop to it. I open the floating editor and position it on the extended desktop--off the main laptop display.
-When I close out the BW editor windows while still in extended desktop mode and then go back to single display desktop on the laptop LCD. All is fine until I open a floating editor window--BW7 puts it back to the same location (which is out of reach of my display and mouse). There is nothing that I can do with that editor window until I get to a place to plug in an external monitor. If I can plug in an external monitor and extend the desktop, there I find the floating editor waiting.

-Now if I drag the floating editor back into normal screen space before closing it. It will reopen in the same location (visible). I can do this (as long as I remember.) The problem is when it was last closed in what is now invisible screen space. It reopens in that location, which is inaccessible.

Any ideas? Is this a operating system issue or a BW7 window parameter? Can I restart BW and have it notice the new screen space limits?

11-28-2007, 06:31 AM
Try this:

Make sure the window you want to move is clicked on the task bar. Then, press ALT-spacebar and release. Then press M (for move). Your arrow keys then should bring the wayward window back where it belongs.