View Full Version : How do I perform a usage search?

11-23-2007, 12:32 PM
I would like to know how to perform a certain search but am unable to figure it out thus far! Here is an example of a search I am wanting to perform:

I want to search for where evkklhsi,a is translated "assembly." ( I know it is 3x and Acts 19, so Im not looking for the answer, but how to perform this simple search). When I see the usage of ekklesia: (Usage: AV - church 115, assembly 3; 118), HOW do i find those 3x that evkklhsi,a is translated "assembly" without going through all 118 references or doing a search on "assembly?" Is there a way that I can find the references where ekklesia is translated "assembly?"

Mark Eddy
11-23-2007, 02:10 PM
You can't do exactly what you are asking, but you can get close by using the Graphic Search Engine. Do an "And" search of ekklhsia in BGM and "assembly" in whatever English version you prefer. (You may have to pray around with this to do a sub-query in English for "assembly" or "assemblies".) This will give you a list of verses in which the Greek text has the word ekklhsia and your English version has the word "assembly/ies". The word "assembly" may be used to translate a different Greek word in those verses (so you still have to check them out yourself), but this search will exclude all verses in which the English version does not use the word "assembly".
I hope this helps.
Mark Eddy