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Andrew Fincke
11-14-2007, 09:01 PM
We're making progress!
the fellow who published a synoptic version of the six manuscripts, P. C. Beentjes (The Book of Ben Sira in Hebrew, Leiden 1997; repr. Atlanta 2006), has come out with a book of essays on his life-work, Sirach: "Happy the One who Meditates on Wisdom": Ciollected Essays on the Book of Ben Sira, Leuven 2006. In the review of it in Revue of Biblical Literature, Ben Wright gives the table of contents of Part III, in which we find:

20. The Book of Ben Sira in Hebrew: Preliminary Remarks towards a New Text Edition and Synopsis
Will someone have the guts to type this "new edition" up for Bible Works so we can finally have the Hebrew text?