View Full Version : A way to see original formatting of the text? Paragraph breaks?

10-24-2007, 10:19 PM
Is there an easy way to do this? I'm doing some research on some passages and I've been looking into how the different English translations break up the text.



10-24-2007, 11:05 PM
Paragraph markers are a recently added feature prompted by user suggestions.

Tools > Options > Options Flags tab > expand Browse Window Configuration Options > Check/enable "Show paragraph markers" (second from bottom)

Mark Eddy
10-24-2007, 11:21 PM
All the paragraph markers in BW7 are inserted at the same place in each version. They come from RSV. So you can't really compare paragraphing of different versions from within BibleWorks.

Mark Eddy

10-24-2007, 11:25 PM
You might want to check out this thread (http://www.bibleworks.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1116&)

Here are some excerpts:

March 20, 2007:
We have somewhere around 150 Bible version in BW now. In all but a few cases the text arrived from the publishers withour paragraph markers. That is changing of course as publishers get more sophisticated in dealing with electronic materials.

As a stopgap we will add the same paragraph markers to all versions, based on the markers in the RSV. This is not quite ideal in that it doesn't give you the editorial decisions made by each publisher but perhaps it will be a useful stopgap. The RSV is a good one because it has the Apocrypha and is pretty aggressive in marking paragraphs.

We'll go through our versions one by one and find out which ones have the info and which don't and slowly over time customize the marking process. We probably have the info from the major English versions (NAS, ESV, etc.) and will add those as soon as we can get the time.

The interime fix will be posted later today.

God bless,

March 21, 2007

Now that I've played with the new paragraph markings for a while, I see a definite advantage to having one paragraph scheme across all versions. It is certainly helpful if you are working on a passage for a sermon and don't need to be distracted by variations in paragraph markings. Of course you do lose something by not having the differences between versions. I could easily make the paragraph markers toggleable. Any interest in this?
MikeI don't know if the situation has changed since March or not. In other words, the paragraph markers may NOT show you
how the different English translations break up the text.

10-24-2007, 11:31 PM
Very informative post! I'm disappointed though. I'd specifically like to compare the breaks. There seems to be a lot of variance in some places. I like to see how the different translation approach break them up, as well as how it changes over time.

Mainly though I would be interested in the top 5-10 English versions, nau, niv, rsv, nrs, esv, tniv, cev, TNIV, etc...

For John 15 - 16 I've found about 4-5 different ways that the text is broken up. Mostly "minor" differences, but it is interesting to see.


10-24-2007, 11:42 PM
Yeah, I was pretty sure that was what you were wanting. For now, though, I think you will have to get that information the old fashioned way. With small sections that shouldn't be too difficult. Um...assuming you have a printed edition of all the versions you want to compare! :confused:

If you do have access to the printed version, you can fairly easily create a comparison document with with the new BW editor, or really just about any word processor.

10-24-2007, 11:50 PM
I have found most version online that I don't have a printed copy of, but I've found some variance with at different sites as far as how they should the formatting.

I'd just love to see 4-5 translations side by side in BW. Would be MUCH faster!