View Full Version : Editor Crashes on Save

10-19-2007, 08:55 AM
The editor crashes every time I try to save. I did a quick search and most editor crashes seem to be in BW 6. I am running 7.0.019b.5 in Windows 2000 Pro in VMware. I have never used the editor much in any version of BW, preferring instead to work in another application via cut and paste. I have recently gone to Unicode and wanted to take advantage of exporting Unicode fonts in Greek (I know Hebrew unicode doesn't work in Win 2000). I planned to copy to editor and then save the file as rtf. The crashes started. I disabled Unicode -- same crash. I tried saving in BW format -- same crash. This is the same behavior on my laptop and on my office computer. I can use the copy center and copy to Wordpad and then save or copy to OpenOffice in Linux and all is well. The problem is saving from the editor.

Any thought or similar problems? Thanks.