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Thomas Dolhanty
08-11-2007, 11:34 AM
:) My BW7 package arrived in the mail yesterday morning, and I have not done much since then other than try out the various controls. I feel like a 16 year-old who gets to take the family jet out for a spin!!

This really is a most sophisticated aide for bible study.

One task that I have been attempting is to develop a unique list of all Greek verbs in a set passage - in their native form (rather than the lexical form - vipa1s). Thus, for example, there are 62 occurances of legw@vipa3s in the Gospel of Mark. This would be one entry in the list - legei -

I have no difficulty developing the verse list using the GSE, and then loading it into the WLM with morph tags. I have developed the list, copied it to my WP, double-clicked on various entries to see the actual verb form in the Search Window. But I do not see how to produce a list (unique - no duplicates) of the verbs (only) as they occur in the text.

The purpose of the exercise is to use the list as a study tool to help in recognizing verb forms.

The solution, I suspect, is rather obvious - but not so to me yet!

:DAny suggestions?

Tom D.

Ben Spackman
08-11-2007, 04:59 PM
Hey Tom, as a long time user, glad you like BW :)

AS for your search, the following should do it (if I understand correctly what you're looking for.)

In the command line type l john or l act 3-7 or l (input limit here). Hit enter.

Make sure you have the Greek morphology version you want selected, by typing in the 3-letter code in the command line (typically GNM for me.) Hit enter.

Type in .*@v* which will catch all verb forms in that limit and highlight them. Hit enter.

This should highlight all the verbs in two versions, the GNM and GNT.

Open the word list manager, either from the icon or TOOLS>Word list manager.

Select LOAD OR GENERATE WORD LIST, make sure the version selected (at the top of the WLM) is NOT the morphology version. If I'd used the GNM, you'd want to select the GNT. Under SOURCE (the next box down), click on LOAD HIGHLIGHTED WORDS FROM LAST QUERY.

Click on CREATE LIST. Then you can sort those either alphabetically or by frequency.

That list can be saved or exported or further toyed with.

Thomas Dolhanty
08-11-2007, 09:50 PM
Just as simple as that !! Too smooth!!

The step that I was missing was switching from the GNM to the GN before creating the list.

That ultra simple process represents untold difficulty in anything else I've ever used.

As a further - and how! - benefit for my purpose, I moved over to the secondary list, switched back to the GNM, and created a second list with the Lexical form and the morph tags. This gives me side two of the flash cards- Just like that! :D:D:D

Thanks again.

In His Service,
Tom D.

08-12-2007, 11:34 AM
I hope this is a successful shortcut for everybody(s) machine. A double-click on the ceter of WGM, GNT, KJV or whatever you have shoing in the Browse window, instantly sends it up in the box by the command line. And it becomes the active version.

Hope this will work for others as it does me.

John B.
Looking forward to Messiah and Millennium