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07-25-2007, 11:25 AM

I am trying to compile an edition of a Maltese Bible Translation using the "version database compiler" in BibleWorks 7 but am experiencing difficulties and was wondering if you could help me out. Maltese characters are basically English characters with the addition of " Ġ ġ Ħ ħ Ċ ċ GĦ għ Ż ż " The Maltese keyboard is available in windows Xp.

In the "version database compiler" however when I try to enter the Locale as Maltese_Malta.0 and try to compile it, a pop up window comes up saying that the specified locale string is invalid. I have tried various settings but still cannot type the Maltese characters except when using the edit button (in the Version Database Compiler) and edit the text there but then again when I save my work the special characters turn into question marks and consequently are shown so (as ? marks) in the display windows of the user interface.

The keyboard I use has an American layout but I can still type Maltese characters in Word or Wordpad as long as I choose the Maltese 48-key in Xp as the input language. Below are the US characters and the equivalent Maltese characters.

` = ċ
~ = Ċ
[ = ġ
{ = Ġ
] = ħ
} = Ħ
\ = ż
| = Ż

The above I have typed here on this page using the Verdana font. In BW7 whenever I select the Maltese layout as the input language and type the above characters in the user notes or editor of the user interface I get ordinary English alphabet characters without the dots on top of them or the cut H (Ħ).

I just hope that someone can help me out. If any one does I would greatly appreciate it as I can endeavor to compile the much needed Maltese Bible for Maltese users.

Thank you and God bless!