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06-25-2007, 04:23 PM
Has anyone create a table of Greek manuscripts and families for BibleWorks? Preferably, it would be nice if it linked with the present verse. What I am thinking about is a table that would give the date and manuscript family (Alexandrian, Byzantine, etc.) for each manuscript, along with what portion of the NT the manuscript contains. Is there any single place to get such information in BibleWorks, either in the program, ass an add-on module, or as a user created database? Thanks.

Clint Yale
06-26-2007, 12:08 AM
In the BibleWorks databases Tischendorf, Textkritik and soon to be von Soden there are volumes of data regarding the manuscripts. Since Tischendorf is the base critical apparatus, it is keyed to both manuscript designations given in Gregory's Textkritik and von Soden. These manuscript designations have been encoded with the proper Gregory number as found in the Liste. As far as the text types tables you are asking about we are not there yet. When von Soden is completed i.e. pages 1-2203 of his Prolegomena, it will have all of his text type designations encoded and his tables encoded. Presently about a third of von Soden's Prolegomena has been encoded with Gregory's designations. Once the encoding has been completed, I think the BibleWorks programmers could quite easily configure the ASE to extract the information concerning text types.

Clint Yale
Bellingham, WA

06-27-2007, 02:39 PM
Thanks for the information. Do you know of any simple table like I am talking about that is available outside of Bibleworks? I am thinking of something that would list the major manuscripts, their approximate date, the portions of the NT they contain, and which basic family they belong to. It would be really nice if the table could be sorted by each field (i.e., by manuscript number, by date, by family). If only the most important manuscripts were included, it would probably only need to be 1-2 pages. I have not been able to locate such a table - does anyone know of one?

06-27-2007, 03:24 PM
Try any of these:
http://www-user.uni-bremen.de/~wie/TCG/index.html (http://www-user.uni-bremen.de/%7Ewie/TCG/index.html) - especially for the Gospels (look under "Knowledge of Documents" 6 and 7)

NET Bible list (http://www.bible.org/netbible/index.htm?manuscr.htm) - not an exhaustive list, but has the best ones

HERE (http://www.skypoint.com/%7Ewaltzmn/TextTypes.html#App2)at the Encyclopedia of NT Textual Criticism or check out the "M's" HERE (http://www.skypoint.com/%7Ewaltzmn/#M)

06-27-2007, 05:25 PM
Thank you for the great links. They provide what I am looking for (and a lot more!) I just wanted a "quick reference guide" on the major manuscripts, and several of the tables provided will do nicely.

06-27-2007, 05:58 PM
Roy Ciampa (http://www.gordonconwell.edu/faculty/ciampa.php), of Gordon-Conwell has put together a fantastic chart of NT manuscripts with info on content, date, traditional text type and Aland's category for each document.

Download Ciampa's TextCritCharts.pdf (13.4 MB!) (http://home.comcast.net/%7Erciampa/TextCritCharts.pdf)

Dr. Ciampa has put together a helpful site with a host of links pertinent to New Testament studies: www.viceregency.com