View Full Version : Word tips

05-25-2004, 11:43 AM
Could we possibly add an option to have word tips in only secondary windows? I don't need or want tool tips in my primary window because I have the auto-info that displays the same information (I tried them for a while, but I found they just got in the way). However, the window that opens when clicking on a scripture reference in BDAG, e.g. (and that may not be called a secondary window, so whatever they're called, that's what I'm talking about) doesn't have an auto-info window, and the tool tips would be most useful there.

Also, would it be possible for us to specify a different set of translations to display in those windows (the ones that open when clicking on the BDAG and other auto-info scripture references)? IOW, I have seven or eight translations open in my main RW, but I only need one or two in those other windows.