View Full Version : Feature Request: Timeline enhancements

05-30-2007, 09:46 PM
I have two suggestions for timeline enhancements.

1) All context menu operation for a reference to a file. Let the file location be relative to the Bibleworks Notes directory. So if you had a caption of

Origen; FILE ecf\Origen.rtf

the file in the Bibleworks Notes Directory ecf\Origen.rtf would be available to be opened from the context menu.

2) All for a title and a caption for an event. The title would be short and always displayed. The caption would only be displayed when you clicked on the event title. This way you could store more information in the timeline without the timeline getting unnecessarily cluttered. If the timeline info were stored in HTML format, this would be relatively simple. Use the css "display" property to toggle visibility.

I have looked and looked for a decent timeline editor, and I just can find one that I really like. Logos has a gorgeous timeline editor, but you can print the thing, and you have to edit XML code to get it setup.