View Full Version : Potential Feature Request for Send Lemma to Lexicon Browser option

Philip Brown
05-20-2004, 11:57 AM
Hi, All,

I constantly use the Send Lemma to Lexicon Browser option when working with the Hebrew text. I find it, therefore, a tad annoying when I am asked whether I want to look up waw or the word it is prefixed to. How many times would I want to look up waw?!!:)

My request would be for an option to be added to Tools | Option | Option Flags | Hebrew Options -- something to this effect: Ignore waw in Lexicon Browser Lookups

Another option would be to allow the user to specific morphological codes that would be ignored. For example, I would ignore both prefixed prepositions and the waw conjunction.

Anybody else feel the same way?

Philip Brown
05-22-2004, 08:57 AM
As a followup to my previous post, when using the option Send Verse to Lexicon Browser, the user is asked which lemma he wants to look at.

For example, when I right-click on yliÓyPiv.M;h;( in Psalm 113:6 I receive a dialog asking which lemma I want to view: h or lpv.

Does this seem unnecessary to anybody else? Since the whole verse is going to be sent to the browser anyway, why should the user be asked which lemma he wants to view? I would like this option to send the verse directly to the browser and allow the user to pick the word(s) he wants to view in the browser.

Anybody disagree?