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04-01-2007, 10:24 PM

I have an idea that might be helpful.

I was wanting to attend a BW training conference, but because of my schedule I was unable to make it.

What if we could digitally record one of the conferences (both essentials and intermediate) and then put them online on the BW website?

We could password protect them so that they are available for users only?

Also, to pay for the cost, BW could charge for the cost to log-in and watch the lectures. We could then have a place on the forum to discuss what we are learning in the online lectures.

What do you think?

Robert A. Lotzer

Mark Cannon
04-02-2007, 10:04 PM
Thank you for your interest in the BibleWorks training workshops.

Your suggestion is certainly a good idea and some variation of it would allow more folks to benefit from such training. BibleWorks 7 currently includes over 4 hours of video demonstration that is available in links embedded within the Study Guides that are available under Help on the main menu.

I believe a digital presention of the material covered in the essentials and intermediate workshops would demand its own production rather than a recording of one of our scheduled workshops. Librarians, IT professionals and professors at institutions who use BibleWorks occasionally request assistance in providing instruction in the use of BibleWorks for their students. Such a resource would be a service to them as well.

BibleWorks is a small company. We wear several hats in the development of our texts and tools, technical support, training and sales, but we appreciate the suggestions of our users and we are open to new ideas in how we can serve those engaged in Biblical exegesis and research.

Mark Cannon
Technical staff specialist and director of the training workshop program