View Full Version : Word Tip Window Problem

05-12-2004, 11:54 PM
When I pass my cursor over ywIle in the WTT and WTM, the Word Tip Window incorrectly reads "Laban, a son of Jacob."

05-14-2004, 10:36 AM
You are right. I have reported it. Thanks.


Dan Phillips
05-14-2004, 02:29 PM
I'd asked this in the general section, thinking it was something I was doing wrong -- evidently not.

If I right click a word and select search on lemma, a secondary results window pops up, and overlaps the list of verses the search finds. I have to move the secondary window in order to see and work with the verses. It does this every time. Does not matter if I re-size or move any of the windows; it starts up the same way.

I couldn't believe it was written this way, but evidently it is.

Could that not be changed?