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02-12-2007, 04:16 PM
Okay, I only received BibleWorks 7 this last week, and I admit I don't understand most of how to use it. But the question I have is why in BW 6 the Hebrew text has yod-hey-vav-hey (Hebrew Name for God) over 6600 times and BW 7 has it 6007 times. So, in previous writings, I stated that the Tanakh uses the Name over 6600 times. Now it appears to be used 6007 times in 5195 verses. Does BW 7 use a different version of the Tanakh than BW 6? Is there any way to use the same BW 6 versions in BW 7, so only 1 version of BW needs be installed?

I wish this question would be answered to me in email. I generally forget to check into web-based forums to get answers.

I bought BW 7 because of its inclusion of the Complete Jewish Bible and texts in Hebrew.

Mark Eddy
02-12-2007, 10:28 PM
The Hebrew text in BW 7 (WTT) is the same as in BW6 (with perhaps a couple typos fixed). If you right click on the word YHWH in WTT and choose "search on lemma" you should come up with 6828 hits in 5790 verses. However, if you right click on YHWH and choose "search on form" you come up with you 6007 hits in 5195 verses. One reason for the difference is that if you "search on form", then if a waw is prefaced to the Name, it would not show up in the hit list (there are 100 of this waw-form in 99 verses), but it would show up in the "search on lemma" hit list. Their isn't a problem with BibleWorks. You just forgot which kind of search you had done before. BW has always treated any difference in spelling (including the addition of prefixes and suffixes) as a different "form" (in WTT) but as the same "lemma" (in WTM).
In His name,
Mark Eddy