View Full Version : PREVIEW BibleWorks Executable (Rev 1 6.0.009k)

05-11-2004, 03:23 PM
PREVIEW BibleWorks Executable (Rev 1 6.0.009k)

BibleWorks Automatic Update Notification
Date: 05/11/04 at 15:22:08
Title: PREVIEW BibleWorks Executable (Rev 1 6.0.009k)

1. Moving symbols with arrow keys were sometimes seperating
connected symbols.
2. Generic symbol items have more detailed names
3. Eliminated extra spaces when multiple words are typed into the
Text Word Properties window.
4. Vertical Generic symbols could not be dragged onto the canvas if
the canvas was scrolled.
5. Dropped floating text into vertical Generic symbols is no longer
6. Snap-to functionality is turned off while Control is held down
7. Snap-to works for text lablels and callout labels
To access these downloads go to the <Help|BibleWorks on the Web|Check for Web Updates...> option and follow the directions. This is a PREVIEW version intended for TESTING purposes. To access the file you must enter the word "preview" in the Updater Access Code Dialog, accessed from the Options Menu.
If you have problems with this update please post a reply to this message on the BibleWorks Forum in the Official BibleWorks announcements section.

Affected Files:
books_sbl.bna | [init]
bw600.exe | [program]
bw600.map | [program]
bwgrkl.ttf | [program]
bwmaster.chm | [databases]
default.dwd | [init]
shellexec.txt | [init]