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12-12-2006, 10:55 AM
A student came by the reference desk today, and he wanted to know how to access footnotes in BW's version of Louw-Nida. Here's an example:
12.19 παράκλητος, ου m: (a title for the Holy Spirit) one who helps, by consoling, encouraging, or mediating on behalf of - 'Helper, Encourager, Mediator.' ὁ δὲ παράκλητος, τὸ πνεῦμα τὸ ἅγιον ὃ πέμψει ὁ πατὴρ ἐν τῷ ὀνόματί μου 'the Helper, the. . .

. . .there may be quite unsatisfactory connotations associated with any word which suggests a lawyer, especially since in so many societies, a lawyer is thought of primarily as one who 'bribes the judges' or 'can speak two truths' or, as in one language, is 'a professional liar.' See also 35.16 and especially footnote 4 in Domain 35.The student wanted access to the reference in the bold red text.

Now, in the book form of Louw-Nida, the footnote is easy to find. It's the fourth footnote in section 35 (page 460):


How does one get to footnotes in the BibleWorks version of Louw-Nida?:confused:

12-12-2006, 12:34 PM
hmmm.... I had not noticed that before. I just searched the whole lexicon looking for words in that footnote, and it was not found. I.e., it does not appear that the footnotes are in the BW version. There are quite a few footnotes in my print version of LN, so that is something of an issue...