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11-30-2006, 12:18 PM
I am not a computer expert, so I will try and answer your questions. I will see if my Mac tech friend, who is working with the developers of CrossOver, would be willing to come on the Forum and provide everyone with helpful information.

1. Which beta of CrossOver are you using? I believe CrossOver Mac 6.0 Beta 3

2. Which version of BW are you using (e.g., 6 or 7)? I am using BW 5. I have BW upgrade 6 but right now, CrossOver only accepts the full version of BW (see below)

3. Which version of Windows did you install (e.g., XP, 98, etc)? This is the GREAT NEWS! NONE! I don't use Windows on my Mac. I am using Mac OS X 10.4.8 to run CrossOver and BW.

4. What other software did you install in your 'bottle' prior to installing BW (e.g., Internet Explorer ver. X, etc?) NONE! Just install CrossOver and then install BW through CrossOver (click on Configuration > Install Software). It is very easy.

5. By the way, you are first to report a positive CrossOver experience. See our previous discussion here. Yes. My Mac tech friend gave me a very early version of CrossOver. It had a lot of kinks, which was disappointing. But, the latest version is great. BW is smoking fast and I have only come across a few minor problems (which my friend told me can be resolved).

6. Screenshots, tips, and hints will be greatly appreciated and who knows, maybe even rewarded. I love rewards! However, I don't know how to send screenshots, etc... Hopefully, my Mac tech friend will come on and share his expertise.

After working with BW yesterday on my Mac for over 3 1/2 hours non-stop, here are the only 4 minor issues I came across:

1. The pop up information when you scroll your cursor over a word (But, I can't tell if the pop up information will work since the 6.0 upgrade will not work. I believe this feature is available only in versions 6 or 7; I assume that it would probably work if I had the full version of 6.0 or 7.0)

2. The ability to update the software under Help > Bibleworks on the Web > Check for updates (it keeps asking for Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher; Note: BW does work with Safari on all the other web features; just for now not on the update feature)

3. The inability to use the upgrade version of the software (my 6.0 version is only the upgrade and not the full program)

4. The Help button doesn't fully work (e.g., when I tried clicking Contents, Search, Back, History, Topics, nothing happens; I could click on the scroll buttons located right next to Topics button and access all of the Help topics)

I passed these few minor problems on to my Mac tech friend who is working with the CrossOver developers. He told me, actually today, that all of these problems can be resolved. So, Mac users can be glad that we finally have a solution to our long awaited need. You can forget all Windows applications. With CrossOver, you don't need Windows. You can run BW right on your Mac OS X operating system and it will operate great. :)

11-30-2006, 03:06 PM
Thank you for the info 'globalpreacher!' Probably one key is the older version of BW. Seems as if the older apps have a higher chance of successful installation.

Please tell your 'Mac friend,' we dearly appreciate her help, insights, and tips!!

Kindest regards

11-30-2006, 04:10 PM
Well, I don't know if the full version of BW 6 or 7 will install or not because I only have the full version of BW5 and only the upgrade of BW6. I would think that the full versions (6 or 7) will install with no problems. I am just waiting for my Mac tech friend to fix these few remaining issues so I can save money and not purchase the full version of 7! :)

12-01-2006, 12:01 AM
CrossOver Office is a fancified version of the free Wine utility. It isn't a virtual machine so you don't install an OS within the software. It isn't exactly an emulator, but close enough to call it one. Thus far no version of Wine or CrossOver have had perfect success with BW 7, though in my own experience it gets close enough to be usable enough under Linux. Afraid I can't speak for the Mac people, but I'd assume the Mac version of CrossOver would perform like the Linux version when it comes to BibleWorks.

Glenn Weaver
12-01-2006, 08:29 AM
The BibleWorks upgrade uses the same CDs as the full version. The only difference is the licensing arrangement.

BW6 and BW7 require the use of Internet Expolorer 6 or higher for certain component parts (grammars, etc.). I don't know if it is necessary for the updater. Perhaps it does.

Sorry, but I can't offer any further help for how to make BW6 or 7 work on CrossOver. I don't have a Mac.


12-01-2006, 01:23 PM
Hi Glenn. Thanks for the information. So far, BW5 has been working great on my Mac with CrossOver. If all continues well, it looks like CrossOver may soon be the solution all Mac users have been looking for. I sure hope so. I have tried Accordance and I just can't break away from BW.

Andrew Fincke
12-16-2006, 11:21 AM
Dear Charlie,
I need 5 things:
1) I want to delete the 12 tabs bars at the top of the Main Window (Search Window)
2) I want to know how to activate the Israeli keyboard Mike developed for me for entering searches from the command line or in the ASE
3) I want the verse printouts in the Search window to appear in WTT format - continuous pointed Hebrew - not morphological Hebrew with word elements separate from words - way'mr not w y 'mr.
4) I want the two lines at left separating the Browse window from the Analysis window to disappear - they weren't in BW6
5) I want to cut Bible text and paste it into a Word document correctly - that is with correct line-wrapping and without discombobulation of the clauses.
Andrew Fincke

Philip Brown
12-16-2006, 08:05 PM
Hi, Andrew,

#1 isn't possible in BW 7
#3 If you want to see WTT in the search window, then WTT has to be the current search version. An option you might play with is under Browse Window Configuration Options: Maintain search version after lemma search. This allows you to have the WTT/BGT as the search version, right click on WTT and do a lemma search, and the WTT will still be displayed. If you want to do a more complicated WTM/BGM search ... after the search simply type WTT or BGT on the command line <enter> and your results will be displayed in the text version.
#4 isn't possible in BW 7
#5 You did not give us enough data to know what you're talking about -- Hebrew perhaps?