View Full Version : Discounted BW4 Upgrade Available

11-02-2006, 04:42 PM
During November 2006 only, BibleWorks 4 customers may upgrade to BibleWorks 7 at the discounted price of $250.00. To upgrade, visit our secure Internet store at www.bibleworks.com (http://www.bibleworks.com) or contact BibleWorks Customer Support (service@bibleworks.com, 1-800-778-0166).

BibleWorks 7 has too many enhancements to BibleWorks 4 to list here. A full BibleWorks 7 feature list and a PDF file of the BibleWorks 7 brochure can also be found at www.bibleworks.com (http://www.bibleworks.com).

We've provided this discounted upgrade opportunity for BibleWorks 4 customers who missed the earlier window and have asked for one last chance to upgrade at a discount.