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10-07-2006, 12:53 PM
By the Word analysis window I do not mean the large window that is on the far right but the dynamic one (the pop-up) which opens up when the cursor is on a Greek, Hebrew, or Aramaic word---the one you cannot freeze with shift key. It had never been a problem before, in fact it can be helpful. But it drives me crazy when I use it on the Targum. The entries from CAL are also given in the far right window. But the volatile one is so large that it actually covers up the text I am trying to read. Is there any way I could close that window down for Aramaic? I would like to depend only on the one in the far right that I can freeze and copy from.
Michael Dick

Glenn Weaver
10-09-2006, 09:05 AM
Hi Michael,

There currently is no way to set options for only one language Word Tip. ("Word Tip" is the name of the feature you are describing.) I suggest sending an email to ideas@bibleworks.com suggesting this item.

However, there is an option for the Word Tips that may be of use to you. Under Tools | Options | Option Flags | Browse Window Configuration Options, check the boxes for "Show word tips" and "Keep word tips open." Then close the window, and place your cursor over a word in the Browse Window. Now you can move the Word Tip to an unused place on your screen, where the large Word Tip box will not cover the verse you are studying.

Hope this helps.

10-10-2006, 11:57 AM
Glenn, that works like a charm. That solves my problem. Thanks. You know one problem I have with BW7 is terminology. I would never have known what these popups were called. Does the help menu for BW anywhere have just a picture of a full BW page with labels for all its parts, such as browse window, etc? Many times I cannot even use the search for help menu because I have no idea what BW calls the feature I want to ask about.

Glenn Weaver
10-10-2006, 12:18 PM
Hi Michael,

There are a couple of ways to find out about the component parts of BibleWorks.

1) Watch the "Getting Started" videos. You can access those from Help | Getting Started.

2) Read & watch the Study Guides. You can access those from Help | Study Guides.

3) Consult the online help. You can access the help file at Help | Online Help Contents, or you press F1 (see below). The help file has descriptions and some screen shots of parts of the program. You can also search the help file, or you can use the index to find common items. (The index was added post-release, so be sure to have the latest updates in order to use it.)

4) Place your cursor over a window, button, etc. that you want to learn about, and press the F1 key on your keyboard. The help file will open to help specific to that item.

However, the F1 key won't help with the Tool Tips question. This leads to another option--post a question on the forums. :) That works, too!

If all else fails, contact our tech support. We are always glad to help.


10-10-2006, 12:38 PM
In addition to Glenn's suggestions...
Not quite what you are asking for, but here is a page I posted for my students to learn (visually) what BW can do:

'Hotspotted' BW view (http://www.gettysburgseminary.org/mhoffman/greek/software/BibleWorks/BibleWorks7Workspace.htm)