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09-29-2006, 01:15 PM
Does anyone know whether the BHS included in Bibleworks includes the footnotes contained in the printed version or not? if yes, how can I get them displayed?


09-29-2006, 04:52 PM
Unfortunately, BibleWorks does not have the rights to the BHS apparatus. As of now, only Accordance and Libronix currently have the rights, and even then you have to pay a pretty hefty sum to obtain it.

Mike Bushell had something to say about this some time ago in this post (http://www.bibleworks.com/forums/showpost.php?p=5159&postcount=6):
...The GBS apparatus is a touchy and difficult issue. I'll tell you what I can and just ask you to pray for a better resolution than we have been able to achieve.

A couple of years ago the GBS published the apparatus exclusively in Logos format, in spite of pleas from numerous sources that they make the information available more widely. They told us that their decision was firm. So we embarked on a program to try to marshal other resources in order to meet the needs of our users. Some of those are in this release or will be ready for release in very short order. We beleve that, although not a replacement for the GBS apparatus, what we have announced and some things that we have not announced, will provide a set of resources that are in many ways (though not all of course) better than the GBS apparatus. Tischendorf (greatly improved in this release), the CNTTS database (which will grow over time), the fantastic Swanson volumes, Comfort and Barett, and some other things that I cannot mention, together provide quite an impressive collection. Don't sell them short. And due to the generosity of Dr.Swanson and his colleagues we are bringing the Swanson materials to you at a really incredible price. And the GBS did in fact permit us to provide the Metzger commentary to our users (for which we are thankful).

Back to the GBS. At SBL this year we were approached by the GBS and told that there had been a change in policy with regard to the apparatus. They offered to permit us to develop a GBS module containing their various original language texts and apparati. That sounded great and we were initially very excited. However, they wanted us to develop the module and basically turn it over to them to package and sell as a GBS product. They were not willing to license the material to us. We would not even be permitted to distribute it on our CDs or provide support to our users. That and the fact that their financial requirements were, in our view, unreasonable, made an agreement impossible. We made the decision that agreeing to terms which were required, was not in the best long term interests of our users. We would be more than happy to incorporate the GBS apparati into our product, at reasonable royalty rates, but this is something they have chosen not to permit. The bottom line is that we are committed to meeting the needs of our users in this area, but until there are policy changes at GBS, the materials will come from some other place than Germany. Please continue to pray that the GBS will change its mind and pray for us as we seek others sources for this kind of material.

God bless,

10-02-2006, 10:55 PM
Thank you for your response and very useful info.

Actually I don't mind to buy a printed BHS to supplement it. Just checking I am not going to pay for something I already have.

God blesses

10-03-2006, 07:03 PM
In any case, the BHS notes will soon be updated with BHQ, which is far superior. The BHS notes, most of the time, can be anticipated if you feel comfortable with your Hebrew and Greek. I've been working through the BHQ Megillot volume this semester and have found it to be fantastic--they rely on the Goett. volumes rather than Rhalf's idiosyncratic "corrections" to an MT Vorlage in the LXX, which entirely defeats the purpose of having variant readings and actually doing TC.

Hopefully they'll be able to secure the rights to BHQ (even if it's expensive)--it is worth money, the BHS really isn't.

10-03-2006, 07:34 PM
...they rely on the Goett. volumes...

Even here the notes, while helpful, leave a lot to be desired in my opinion. I am assuming, of course, that you are talking only about the Massorah Parva, which is of course what BHS has as well, albeit, as you said, sourced differently. I'm not very familiar with what all is going into BHQ, but I'm assuming this is the case.

In any event, here's a hint for somebody who wants to make a small fortune and who has the expertise and the time to perform it --

-- translate the Massorah Magna and the Massorah Finalis from Bomberg's first and second editions into English.

Not only would one make a pretty penny from such an endeavor, but one would likewise find real quality in the notes for a change, and as well, a great many questions about how certain readings were arrived at in the Old Testament would be answered.

10-11-2006, 03:01 AM
I guess I'm behind the times.

What is BHQ, please?

Does Q stand for Qumran?

Dale A. Brueggemann
10-11-2006, 07:20 AM
BHQ stands for Biblia Hebraica Quinta, the fifth edition of BH. See http://rosetta.reltech.org/TC/vol07/Weis2002.html for more info.