View Full Version : Feature Request: Flags and Tags

09-14-2006, 12:31 AM
Sorry to start a new thread with this "old" topic (yesterday, in fact), but there doesn't seem to be a section on this Forum for submitting Feature Requests (and maybe this post might attrack Mike's and the BW staff's attention).

It would be nice if BW8 had this feature, one that is found in many paper study Bibles, the ones with the "codes" in the margins for various themes that course through the Bible (Holy Spirit, Judgments, Sin, Promises, Punishments, etc.), maybe by giving the user the option to color code certain verses, and then making these verse colors searchable.

Let's say I have developed or am working on my own Bible translation in VDC, and I want to flag or tag all the verses in the OT pertaining to a particular topic (kind of like bookmarks, but searchable so the appropriate list appears in the Search Window for convenient viewing), say, "God's Promises to ...."

I can do this now by adding the "code" (or short phrase) at the end of the particular verse, but it would be nice to have another system, and one easier to implement (at present the "codes" at the end of the verses are distracting and unsightly). I think this would be a useful feature for future versions. Maybe someone could come up with a clever workaround.