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08-25-2006, 11:23 PM
I had the Word Biblical Commentary series on Libronix, and when I copy and past sections out of it into word, it has the useful feature of adding a citation (as a footnote) in Tuberian format (or a choice of other formats).
The problem I have is that when I try pasting it into the editor in BW, the citation doesn't paste into it.
I've emailed tech support, but thought I should see if anyone here has found a solution to this.

09-07-2006, 11:02 AM
I use a great little utility called PureText (http://www.stevemiller.net/puretext) which will cure the problem. When you hit <windowskey>+V it converts the clipboard to plain text and simply removes all formatting. When that happens the citation remains as plain text after your quote.
Quite handy that one.

09-13-2006, 10:16 PM
Thanks for that,
The download link wasn't working when I tried to download it, so I'll try it later.
It looks like a handy tool, although I imagine that it will loose any greek fonts used. I've also been experiementing with pasting into notepad, and paste special into wordpad before I then copy and paste into BW.

It's funny how this seems time consuming when it's still so much faster than reading from a book and typing into the computer, or even scanning a book in and then correcting all of the mistaken letters!


09-15-2006, 03:21 AM
Hi Dunk,

I pastor a Calvary in VA. Hope the Lord is blessing you greatly in the UK.


09-16-2006, 06:33 PM
Hi Dave,
Good to hear from you,
We're a very small urban church plant in London, but God has been very good to us.

B.T.W I went on your site and saw a link to Alpha Omega ministries - I believe that James White is a Bibleworks user too, I read once that he uses it in all his debates.